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The Daily Find March 7, 2014

Bridget Janicki

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang Makes Technology Less Distracting
​Clearly Alex Soojung-Kim Pang is on to something important. Hundreds of independent school leaders packed his featured workshop at the 2014 NAIS Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. The topic that lured so many educators? Making technology less overwhelming and less distracting in our lives…[MORE]

Milton Chen Inspires Us to Create an Education Nation
A standing-room-only crowd packs the ballroom where Milton Chen offers us valuable insights into the Six Leading Edges of Innovation during this featured workshop at the 2014 NAIS Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. As the father of a Lick-Wilmerding High School (California) alumna, Chen is rather familiar with our independent school community. He’s long thought that independent schools offer…[MORE]

Catherine Steiner-Adair Urges Us to Connect with Students
It’s no wonder Catherine Steiner-Adair attracts a huge crowd to her featured workshop at the 2014 NAIS Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. Independent school leaders and teachers pack the ballroom to hear this internationally recognized clinical psychologist illuminate how our relationships with our students differ so…[MORE]

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
[Post by featured speaker]
The need for a social approach to distraction
[This is the first of several posts drawing on my the talk I gave at the NAIS annual conference.] We use the term “distraction” in two broad ways. Both involve situations in which our attention should be directed on one thing, but instead is directed on…MORE

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
[Post by featured speaker]
How technologies are designed to commodify distraction
[This is the second of several posts drawing on my the talk I gave at the NAIS annual conference. The first is here.] How are technologies designed to distract students (and their parents and teachers)? Some people talk about…MORE

Dream, Do, Fail, Repeat
Nancy Mugele
Escaping our unusually cold and snowy winter, I was honored to be a part of the team representing RPCS at the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools this past week in Orlando. Dare to Explore and Discover provided inspiring speakers, thought-provoking sessions and opportunities to connect with colleagues across the country. I left my very first marketing session with several…MORE

Super grateful to my PLN after #NYCIST two weeks ago, #NAISac14 last week, and #GoogleGlass convos this week…
Karen Blumberg
At the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) annual conference last week, I was honored to be chosen to co-present with amazing ladies I met via Twitter and…MORE

Why School? A framework for rethinking schools
Cathy Kyle, Susan Droke, Will Richardson, Grant Lichtman
Slides from presentation at NAISAC14

PDS in the World- Poughkeepsie Day School
PDS was well represented at last week’s NAIS Annual Conference, David Held’s presentation was chosen for the Speed Innovating session…MORE

Education for a sustainable future #naisac14
Beyond Green had a fulfilling first run at the National Association of Independent Schools’ 2014 Annual Conference. While we did log a couple of sunny pool hours, we were busy both exhibiting and speaking for this event…MORE

#NaISAC14 Beyond These Walls: How Augmented Reality Can Promote Your School’s Message”
Lorri Carroll
Justine Fellows (Greens Farms Academy) and I presented at the Speed Innovating Session at NAIS (Disney World!). The session is set up much like “Speed Dating.” Attendees pre-register for three topics they want to learn more about and presenters have 15 minutes to share their topic. When the 15 minutes is up…MORE

Kevin Brookhouser
20% Time Keynote Notes

Last week, gphomestay, The Cambridge Institute, and KnowledgeLink attended and presented at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference, which featured workshops and demonstrations pertinent to independent education, provided Cambridge with opportunities to connect with its 60+ NAIS partner schools and to support those…MORE


Short on Time, Long on Impact: Professional Development for Busy Educators

Post submitted by Stephen Valentine

Short on Time, Long on Impact: Professional Development for Busy Educators
Thursday, February 27
1:30 – 2:30

Blog post about Klingbrief and this session
Klingbrief is a publication that I read and liked before I actually joined the editorial board.  I’m actually not sure how or when I heard of it . . . probably through an email from the Klingenstein alumni list (I attended the Klingenstein Summer Institute over a decade ago, and I’m glad that the center has kept track of me).  But I do remember thinking, when I first started reading it, that the idea was …[MORE]

Rocking the Boat Without Tipping it Over- Thursday 1:30 Workshop

Post submitted by Michelle Shea

Are you headed to NAIS’ 2014 Annual Conference?  If so, don’t miss my session on Thursday at 1:30 pm in Northern Hemisphere E-4 –  Rocking the Boat Without Tipping it Over.  We’ll discuss how schools embrace positive and necessary change without losing their identity. The pace of change in the world is accelerating exponentially. In too many cases, independent schools have responded sluggishly to these changes. The new demands involve knowledge and skills in financial planning, programmatic evolution, demographics, and marketing


Global Citizenship, Service Learning: PBL at the NAIS Annual Conference!

Post shared by Mark Cline Lucey

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  A third child will do that to you.  I’ve also been getting way into video editing and have stayed up many a late night working on a video about a recent expeditionary learning trip I took to Belize with 12 of my amazing students.  Check it out!…

Friday (8:00am – “Challenge 20/20: Engaging Students as Global Citizens”) to give a 1-hour workshop on my experience with Challenge 20/20 in my classrooms. This will be at the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), this year in Orlando.  A big deal, and I’ve got a whole pile of reasons to be psyched: [READ MORE]

Beyond Green at the NAIS Annual Conference

Post shared by Kim Blomquist

The cafeteria is often an overlooked facet of a student’s overall experience. Aside from serving nutritious foods that promote learning and concentration a school cafeteria can instill values around community, economy, and environment. Independent schools have a huge opportunity to integrate school-wide missions into their food programs while doing more business…[MORE]

Going Beyond Awareness: Global Participation and Experiential Learning

Post shared by Matt Molyneux

The Meadowbrook School of Weston has ten years of experience facilitating international experiential learning opportunities for our students in Costa Rica. Through our NAIS workshop, we hope to share all we have learned through documentaries we’ve made throughout the trips and to offer guidance and assistance to other schools who wish to provide the same type of opportunities for their community. We will review everything you’ll need to go from idea to implementation, and extend an invitation to join our consortium of like-minded independent schools, where we can collaborate on service learning projects and extend our communal efforts to each other and the world beyond. Please join us- and in two years, you can have your own trip up and running!

Here is the session information:

Going Beyond Awareness: Global Participation and Experiential Learning

Block 6 (Friday, February 28, 1:30 – 2:30 PM).

Please review these links for a preview: