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The Daily Find March 19, 2014

Create a Succession Plan for Your School
The NAIS Succession Planning Institute will offer trustees, heads of school, and administrators the chance to craft a thoughtful, comprehensive, and intentional succession plan for a smooth headship transition. Instructors Reveta Bowers, head of school at the Center for Early Education (California), and Doreen Oleson, head of school at St. Mark’s School (California), will ensure every attendee walks away with a plan that clearly defines roles, tasks, expenses, and timelines that can withstand both the anticipated and unexpected outcomes of a leadership change. The NAIS Succession Planning Institute will take place May 1 – 4, 2014, at the Westin Washington, D.C. City Center Hotel. Learn more about this new opportunity, and register by April 4 to save with the early bird discount

Passport to Prizes…Drum roll please
Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Passport to Prizes below and thanks to all attendees and exhibitors for participating!…And the Winners Are…MORE

Graphic Recordings of General Sessions and Featured Speakers
Each link will take you to a PDF of the graphic recording that was made during each of these special sessions. These are amazing drawings and resources capturing the each of the speakers main points as well as the nature of each talk.

  • Lyn Heward- The spark: Igniting the creative fire that lives within us all [PDF]
  • Steve Pemberton- Independent Matters: Dare to Explore [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Jay Shuster- Independent Matters: Dare to Explore [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Mae Jemison- Independent Matters: Dare to Explore [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • John Quinones- The Power of Education [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Eric Whitacre- Creativity and Connection [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Alex Soojung-Kim Pang- The Distraction Addiction [PDF]
  • Rahaf Harfoush- decoded: What if we understood our talent as well as we understood our customers? [PDF]
  • Milton Chen- Education Nation: Six leading innovations in our schools [PDF]
  • Johnnie Foreman- 2014 NAIS Diversity Leadership Award [PDF]
  • Catherine Steiner-Adair- The Big Disconnect: The student you see and the student online [PDF]

Dream, Do, Fail, Repeat
Nancy Mugele
Escaping our unusually cold and snowy winter, I was honored to be a part of the team representing RPCS at the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools this past week in Orlando. Dare to Explore and Discover provided inspiring speakers, thought-provoking sessions and opportunities to…MORE

NAIS Annual Conference: Change is in the Air…Now What?
Stephanie Rogen
Last week Liz and I headed to Orlando for the NAIS Annual Conference, three days packed with a variety of sessions exploring how independent education can change to become better for our students and families while still maintaining the critical aspects that make each school unique. Creativity, innovation, sustainability and…MORE

Graphic Map from Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s Talk at NAIS
Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
While I finish writing up the notes from my NAIS talk– I’ve got deadlines at work, kids’ sports practices, and several recent interviews with people who organize digital sabbaths, so it’s not as simple a matter as just transcribing what I said in Orlando– here is a graphic map of the talk…MORE

Slides from #NAISAC14 panel on Cultural Competence and 21st Century Skills
Chris Thinnes
Load the slides HERE (Large File)


The Daily Find: March 3, 2014

John Quinones Illuminates Heroes
By Bridget Janicki (NAIS)
​John Quiñones has “it.” The Emmy award-winning co-anchor of ABC’sPrimetime and sole anchor of What Would You Do? makes his debut on the stage of the 2014 NAIS Annual Conference in Orlando, instantly creating a legion of fans among the 4,000-member audience. Whether you’ve watched Quiñones for years, or just discovered him at this meeting, everyone immediately feels captivated by the star quality of Quiñones and his magnetic smile…MORE

Independent Matters Dare to Explore
By Julia Grandison
Dare to Explore and Discover, the theme of this year’s NAIS Annual Conference, is epitomized in Mae Jemison’s project 100-Year Starship, which aims to achieve interstellar travel in the next 100 years. What is it about space travel that fascinates people? Why do children like to study space and dinosaurs? She answers simply that we want to know who we are and what our place is in the world…MORE

Rahaf Harfoush Inspires Us to Use Technology to Mobilize the World
By Julia Grandison
​Rahaf Harfoush, a digital innovation and foresight strategist, is excited that we are living in the age of the architect, an age where everyday people can use technology to mobilize the world around them. She provides the example of Molly Katchpole, a 22-year-old nanny, who received a letter from Bank of America alerting her to a new $5 debit card fee. Upset and angry, Molly wrote about it on the web and then started an online petition using As a result of the press and the 300,000 signatures added to the petition in the first month alone, Bank of America backed down and eliminated the fee…MORE

#NAISAC14, Day One
By Bill Ivey
The National Association of Independent Schools is holding its annual conference right now, and as I have in some past years, I’ve resolved to try and read up on at least a portion of the many wonderful things happening there and reflect on them here. This installment follows the first full day….MORE

#NAISAC14: Opening General Session with John Chubb and Lyn Heward
By Lorri Carroll
The official opening of NAISAC14 was filled with excitement and energy. John Chubb’s first remarks as President were critically analyzed by everyone in the room. I was impressed with his tone and enthusiasm and liked what he had…MORE

#NAISAC14: The Distraction Addiction with author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
By Lorri Carroll
Although I couldn’t stay for this entire session because I needed to set up for my presentation, Alex’s talk was intriguing and I didn’t want to leave.  His book is now on my “to read” list. Being that I consider myself a self-proclaimed…MORE

Being Part of Something Larger than Ourselves
By Jenni Voorhees
This year’s NAIS Conference seemed to focus heavily on how “creative” companies keep their employees loyal, constantly challenged to grow, and personally rewarded for their contributions. We heard from Lyn Heward of Cirque du Soleil, who described the many…MORE

AC2014: Behind Door #3- Creative Transformation
By Ari Pinkus
With their artful uses of image and song, speakers Lyn Heward, John Quinones, and Eric Whitacre played up how transformation takes root and blossoms in our experience. Leading off Day 1, Heward, who was director of creation, president, and COO at Cirque du Soleil, drew on the senses as she urged attendees to “remember the radiance of the flower blossoming in the desert.”  I conjured up the beautiful image in my mind and reflected. Like a flower in the desert, transformation often starts with a small shift and then touches everything in its path…MORE

What’s Dangerous About the Grit Narrative, and How to Fix It
By Peter Gow
There’s been a great deal of buzz lately on the topic of grit. As educators we’re all for persistence, resilience, stick-to-it-ive-ness–the stuff of grit, right? But it turns out that there’s grit, and then there’s the way some people are talking about grit…MORE

By Alex Soojung-Kim Pang (Featured Speaker at NAISAC14)
This week my wife and I were at the National Association of Independent Schools annual conference. I was giving a talk on contemplative computing and efforts by schools to promote mindfulness and wiser technology use; my wife was part of her school’s delegation…MORE


The Daily Find Friday Feb. 28, 2014

Lyn Heward
By Bridget Janicki (NAIS)
Choreographer, dancer, gymnast, and author Lyn Heward takes the stage to open the 2014 NAIS Annual Conference in Orlando. All these monikers describe Heward, but her dynamic nature certainly expands beyond these descriptors. For decades Heward has shaped performers, designers, and technicians at the Cirque du Soleil into an artistic and commercial juggernaut. The Montreal native smoothly slips from…MORE

Storify of Opening General Session: John Chubb and Lyn Heward
The following is a Storify of the opening session as captured and retold through those who shared their thoughts, reflections and impressions through Twitter with #naisac14

Opening General Session: John Chubb and Lyn Heward as captured and retold through the eyes and talents of graphic note-taking.

Passion Driven Professional Development- Teachers Unplugged at NAISAC14
By Liz Davis
This morning I helped facilitate our second (annual?) Teachers Unplugged session at the NAIS conference. This is an Edcamp style unconference that allows the participants who show up to define the conversations that…MORE

Notes from The No Cost 1:1 program. Hybrid BYOD
From Brent Stimmel
Here you can find some of the main points shared during this workshop.

NAISAC14 Community Daily Friday, Feb. 28, 2014
Many resources and ideas shared in the past 24 hours by the NAISAC14 Online Community Twitter List

Top 10 List for What You Should Do Now That NAISAC14 Has Arrived

Are you headed to Orlando for the 2014 NAIS Annual Conference? Will you be following the conference from a distance? Either way, join in the conversation through the online conference community. The conversation is starting and will continue to grow throughout the conference and beyond. Feel free to share what you are learning through one of the many online venues. You can learn more about how to participate in the online community at: Welcome to the NAISAC14 Online Community.

 Top 10 List for what you should be doing now that NAISAC14 has arrived

10. NAISAC14 ONLINE COMMUJNITY– Join the NAISAC14 Online Community by subscribing to Feel free to submit content to by sending the post content or the URL to your post on your blog.

9. NAIS AC 14 APP– Download the NAISAC14 APP from your APP store by searching for NAIS 2014. With this app you can connect with colleagues and friends, set your schedule, get real-time communications from NAIS, locate exhibitors, keep all of your information organized, and more. Browser based version of APP can be found HERE.

8. WIRELESS AT #NAISAC14– There will be free wireless at NAISAC14.  Participate in the Twitter conversation by using the conference hashtag #naisac14. This will make it easy for everyone to follow the conference conversation via Twitter.

7. NAISAC14 Community List– Join the NAISAC14 Twitter list by following @naisac14 ( This will allow you to easily follow the conversation as well as link tweets to the NAISAC14 Daily at

6. NAISAC14 Daily– Subscribe to the NAISAC14 Daily at Here you will find the tweets shared through the community list. This paper is updated daily.

5. PHOTOS– Use your phone or iPad/tablet to take pictures while at the conference. Tweet them with the hash tag #naisac14 and they will show up in the NAISAC Daily under Photos.

4. SCHEDULE– Use the program and APP to set your schedule. But be careful, there are so many interesting sessions that you will likely have multiples marked for each hour. You can view the online program HERE.

3. BLOG– Consider blogging your experience at the NAISAC14 conference. You can share your thoughts through the Online Community by simply sending a link to your post to and tweeting it out with the #naisac14 hashtag.

2. CONNECTIONS– Consider how many will be at this year’s conference and who you will be trying to meet with. Consider meeting with groups of people. Want a “Tweet-up”? Just ask for one through the Online Community by using the #naisac14 hashtag.

1. DARE TO EXPLORE AND DISCOVER– Join in this adventure with your independent school friends and colleagues from around the world. Make this your best Annual Conference and actively join in the conversation sharing what you have discovered along this journey.

The Daily Find: 2/4/2014

How to Participate in this year’s NAIS Annual Conference Online Community
Greetings and welcome to the NAIS 2014 Annual Conference Online Community. Today we launch another year of powerful and engaging conversations focused around topics related to the conference theme of Dare to Explore and Discover. YOU are the focus of this community. We welcome you to another engaging year. Here are a few things for you to do to get started. [MORE]


 Join the NAISAC14 Twitter List
Joining this list will allow you to stay in touch with many other educators headed to Orlando at the end of the month for the NAIS Annual Conference. Adding your Twitter name to this list will also add your tweets to the community daily paper which can be found on the main community site along with many other community resources. To add your name to the list, simply follow @naisac14. When you tweet about the conference, remember to add the tag #naisac14.


community dailyThe NAISAC14 Community Daily
What is the NAISAC14 Twitter Community tweeting about? What are they sharing via Twitter. This daily paper will provide you with a nice collection of content shared by those who have joined the NAISAC14 Twitter list over a 24 hour period.

What will you explore and discover this year at NAISAC14?
We are now less than one month away from our annual gathering at the Annual Conference. This year we will be meeting in Orlando. As you look through the program preview and start to plan your visit, we hope you will take a moment to share with the community- What will you Explore and Discover this year at NAISAC14? There are several ways you can contribute: [MORE]

The following comments were already added to this post. Feel free to add your thoughts as well…

Mark Cline Lucey
I hope to meet many inspiring educators and expand my personal learning network!
Jill Brown
I am excited to find out what we will discuss at Teachers Unplugged. Will some of the same topics be discussed or will they all be new? Contribute your ideas here: (Participant- driven session, Friday 8AM) Last year the topics were: To grade or not to grade?, Shift to make STEM/STEAM, To iPad or not to iPad?, Applying design thinking in Social Studies or other subjects, The content/skills dilemma, How are schools using research in how the brain learns to change teaching and learning?, How do girls learn STEAM differently (or do they)?, Managing attention, Increased emotional, social and psychological needs of students. How do you support?, Online learning Why? How?

Looking for a 3 hour workshop? Consider Global Circles: Looking Forward
Meet leaders from Global education organizations to discuss essential practices, program evaluation,  student assessment, online learning and overseas partnerships. Learn about our collaborative process and join roundtable discussions to advance the conversation. We welcome your voice and ideas. [MORE]

Greenwich Leadership Partners
Going to the NAIS Annual Conference? Please get Strategic With Us..

1,000 Voices, One Vision: Uniting a School Through Strategic Planning
Diverse perspectives drive innovation, but it can be daunting to engage all of your constituencies. Join us for an experiential session to explore how we strengthened commitment to a new strategic vision with a streamlined and collaborative planning process. Gain concrete tools and creative exercises to kickstart a dynamic and inclusive process at your school. [MORE]