The Daily Find March 19, 2014

Create a Succession Plan for Your School
The NAIS Succession Planning Institute will offer trustees, heads of school, and administrators the chance to craft a thoughtful, comprehensive, and intentional succession plan for a smooth headship transition. Instructors Reveta Bowers, head of school at the Center for Early Education (California), and Doreen Oleson, head of school at St. Mark’s School (California), will ensure every attendee walks away with a plan that clearly defines roles, tasks, expenses, and timelines that can withstand both the anticipated and unexpected outcomes of a leadership change. The NAIS Succession Planning Institute will take place May 1 – 4, 2014, at the Westin Washington, D.C. City Center Hotel. Learn more about this new opportunity, and register by April 4 to save with the early bird discount

Passport to Prizes…Drum roll please
Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Passport to Prizes below and thanks to all attendees and exhibitors for participating!…And the Winners Are…MORE

Graphic Recordings of General Sessions and Featured Speakers
Each link will take you to a PDF of the graphic recording that was made during each of these special sessions. These are amazing drawings and resources capturing the each of the speakers main points as well as the nature of each talk.

  • Lyn Heward- The spark: Igniting the creative fire that lives within us all [PDF]
  • Steve Pemberton- Independent Matters: Dare to Explore [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Jay Shuster- Independent Matters: Dare to Explore [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Mae Jemison- Independent Matters: Dare to Explore [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • John Quinones- The Power of Education [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Eric Whitacre- Creativity and Connection [PDF 1] [PDF 2]
  • Alex Soojung-Kim Pang- The Distraction Addiction [PDF]
  • Rahaf Harfoush- decoded: What if we understood our talent as well as we understood our customers? [PDF]
  • Milton Chen- Education Nation: Six leading innovations in our schools [PDF]
  • Johnnie Foreman- 2014 NAIS Diversity Leadership Award [PDF]
  • Catherine Steiner-Adair- The Big Disconnect: The student you see and the student online [PDF]

Dream, Do, Fail, Repeat
Nancy Mugele
Escaping our unusually cold and snowy winter, I was honored to be a part of the team representing RPCS at the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools this past week in Orlando. Dare to Explore and Discover provided inspiring speakers, thought-provoking sessions and opportunities to…MORE

NAIS Annual Conference: Change is in the Air…Now What?
Stephanie Rogen
Last week Liz and I headed to Orlando for the NAIS Annual Conference, three days packed with a variety of sessions exploring how independent education can change to become better for our students and families while still maintaining the critical aspects that make each school unique. Creativity, innovation, sustainability and…MORE

Graphic Map from Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s Talk at NAIS
Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
While I finish writing up the notes from my NAIS talk– I’ve got deadlines at work, kids’ sports practices, and several recent interviews with people who organize digital sabbaths, so it’s not as simple a matter as just transcribing what I said in Orlando– here is a graphic map of the talk…MORE

Slides from #NAISAC14 panel on Cultural Competence and 21st Century Skills
Chris Thinnes
Load the slides HERE (Large File)


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