The Daily Find February 26- Morning Collection

NAISAC14 Online Community
If you are in Orlando at the NAIS Annual Conference, you are in for a great time of learning and sharing. To help facilitate the exchange of ideas, feel free to reflect on what you hear and learn at NAISAC14 and share it through the community. This will be a powerful form of learning for those at the conference but will also serve as a great service and resource for those who were not able to join us this year. Please check out the following post: How you can participate in the NAISAC14 Online Community.

Meet the Thursday Speakers
Meet the Thursday Speakers for Thursday February 27th. You can read their bios and explore some of the sites, blogs, tweets and prior talks by these speakers as you prepare for what they will share with us at the NAIS Annual Conference

Opening General Session Speaker

Lyn HewardBio and Resources
9:30-11:00 AM

Special Workshop Speakers

Alex Soojung-Kim PangBio and Resources
12:00-1:00 PM

Rahaf HarfoushBio and Resources
1:30-2:30 PM

Independent Matters Speakers


Have a blog post related to your experience at NAISAC14, please share it with the community through

Community Workshop Presenters

Stephen Valentine
Short on Time, Long on Impact: Professional Development for Busy Educators

Michelle Shea
Rocking the Boat Without Tipping it Over

Mark Cline Lucey
Global Citizenship, Service Learning: PBL

Kim Blomquist
Beyond Green at the NAIS Annual Conference

Matt Molyneux
Going Beyond Awareness: Global Participation and Experiential Learning 

Chris Bigenho
What do you mean by 21st Century Skills/Learning/Schools?
There is a lot of talk about 21st century skills and what we should be teaching to make sure our students are prepared with the right skill set to succeed in today’s world. Any practitioner conference you attend today will have many sessions that will address the idea of teaching 21st century skills. NAISAC14 is off and running and there are sessions that are looking at 21st century skills/learning/school. From social media with blogs, wikis and Twitter, to Maker Sessions to philosophical sessions, it seems many are trying to…[MORE] Take Survey at: 21st Century Skills/Learning/Schools Survey


Pre-conference setup and travel to NAIS Continues
Pre-conference setup and travel to NAIS Continues

Pre-Conference Setup and Travel Continues



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