The Daily Find: 2/4/2014

How to Participate in this year’s NAIS Annual Conference Online Community
Greetings and welcome to the NAIS 2014 Annual Conference Online Community. Today we launch another year of powerful and engaging conversations focused around topics related to the conference theme of Dare to Explore and Discover. YOU are the focus of this community. We welcome you to another engaging year. Here are a few things for you to do to get started. [MORE]


 Join the NAISAC14 Twitter List
Joining this list will allow you to stay in touch with many other educators headed to Orlando at the end of the month for the NAIS Annual Conference. Adding your Twitter name to this list will also add your tweets to the community daily paper which can be found on the main community site along with many other community resources. To add your name to the list, simply follow @naisac14. When you tweet about the conference, remember to add the tag #naisac14.


community dailyThe NAISAC14 Community Daily
What is the NAISAC14 Twitter Community tweeting about? What are they sharing via Twitter. This daily paper will provide you with a nice collection of content shared by those who have joined the NAISAC14 Twitter list over a 24 hour period.

What will you explore and discover this year at NAISAC14?
We are now less than one month away from our annual gathering at the Annual Conference. This year we will be meeting in Orlando. As you look through the program preview and start to plan your visit, we hope you will take a moment to share with the community- What will you Explore and Discover this year at NAISAC14? There are several ways you can contribute: [MORE]

The following comments were already added to this post. Feel free to add your thoughts as well…

Mark Cline Lucey
I hope to meet many inspiring educators and expand my personal learning network!
Jill Brown
I am excited to find out what we will discuss at Teachers Unplugged. Will some of the same topics be discussed or will they all be new? Contribute your ideas here: (Participant- driven session, Friday 8AM) Last year the topics were: To grade or not to grade?, Shift to make STEM/STEAM, To iPad or not to iPad?, Applying design thinking in Social Studies or other subjects, The content/skills dilemma, How are schools using research in how the brain learns to change teaching and learning?, How do girls learn STEAM differently (or do they)?, Managing attention, Increased emotional, social and psychological needs of students. How do you support?, Online learning Why? How?

Looking for a 3 hour workshop? Consider Global Circles: Looking Forward
Meet leaders from Global education organizations to discuss essential practices, program evaluation,  student assessment, online learning and overseas partnerships. Learn about our collaborative process and join roundtable discussions to advance the conversation. We welcome your voice and ideas. [MORE]

Greenwich Leadership Partners
Going to the NAIS Annual Conference? Please get Strategic With Us..

1,000 Voices, One Vision: Uniting a School Through Strategic Planning
Diverse perspectives drive innovation, but it can be daunting to engage all of your constituencies. Join us for an experiential session to explore how we strengthened commitment to a new strategic vision with a streamlined and collaborative planning process. Gain concrete tools and creative exercises to kickstart a dynamic and inclusive process at your school. [MORE]


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