NAISAC14 Community Taking Shape

The NAISAC14 Online Community is starting to take form as people start to join in on Twitter and share their blog links. You can quickly join and contribute to the community through your Twitter account by simply following @naisac14. This will allow you to easily get information posted through @naisac14 as well as add you to the naisac14 community twitter list. This will then allow your twitter content to be part of the Community Daily which pulls from that list. Additionally, any Tweets related to the Annual Conference should use the hashtag #naisac14.

If you are attending the Annual Conference this year in Orlando or will be following from a distance, you are encouraged to reflect on what you hope to get out of this year’s experience. You can learn more about sharing this reflection with the broader community by visit the post- “What will you explore and discover this year at NAISAC14?”– which is posted in this community site.

If you have a blog where you focus on topics of interest to independent school educators, feel free to share your blog address with to have it included in the independent school blogger list. If you do not have a blog but would like to have content included in the community blog, simply email your text to and it will be added to the community blog with attribution.  The current list of independent school bloggers is posted on the NAISAC14 Community site and will be included in an RSS feed where content can be curated for the community.

The community blog or Front Door to the community can be found at You are encouraged to pay it a visit and explore the different ways you will be able to participate this year. Each year, one element of the NAISAC community is The Daily Find. This is a weekly to daily posting that pulls content from all the different aspects of the NAISAC community. This will be starting very soon.

We look forward to seeing many of you in Orlando and online.


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